1. Are the shelves on Bell’O® furniture adjustable?

Depending on the model, shelves are adjustable. In most cases, the interior shelves on wood cabinet models are adjustable. On many metal and glass models, the shelves are not adjustable. Please see specifications for the model of your choice.

2. Can any model be custom fit to my specifications?

Bell’O products are made worldwide at our multinational manufacturing facilities, and designed to fit most combinations of TV/Audio/Home Theater requirements. Contact your Bell’O dealer for assistance in matching Bell’O component furniture to your equipment needs. Bell’O products are not built to individual specifications.

3. Can Bell’O products be made in a different color or custom painted?

Bell’O products are only available in standard factory finishes. They can be painted over by you to match your decor with acrylic paint, however, since Bell’O products are a powder coated, factory-baked surface material, we do not recommend any re-coloring or the quality of any new non-factory applied finish. Please be aware that re-painting or re-staining any Bell’O product may void certain aspects of your warranty, or may make obtaining matching replaceable parts extremely difficult.

4. Can I purchase direct from Bell’O?

Bell’O products are available only through authorized retailers.

6. What is the warranty Bell’O offers on its furniture?

Bell’O products are warranted in the United Kingdom for a period of 2 years after original purchase. Glass is warranted for a period of 30 days thereafter. Purchase receipt is necessary to receive replacement parts, and they are available to the original purchaser only. Warranty is limited to only new furniture purchased in factory sealed cartons. The warranty does not cover shipping damages. Check the warranty that came with your specific model of furniture for more details regarding the warranty. Warranties can be found together with the assembly instructions in the product’s box.

7. What are Triple Play™ models?

Triple Play models are versatile and convenient, and come with all parts included to display your television in one of three ways: on the swivel mounting pole, on the included wall mount, or simply placed on the top shelf. Triple Play models offer consumers complete versatility and control over how to place the TV without the purchase of extra parts. In addition, Triple Play models allow you the freedom to change your mind about how you want to view your TV later, without having to purchase additional furniture or components.

8. What size TV will a Triple Play™ model hold?

The universal swivel mount pole and the wall mount that comes with your Triple Play model can accommodate standard mounting configurations up to 700 mm x 500 mm. There is a weight restriction of 125 lbs (56.7 kg). The size of the TV can vary, as long as the TV is within these requirements.

9. How much weight will the top and the shelves hold?

Bell’O TV stands are designed and engineered to hold a specific weight on each shelf. Each model has different weight restrictions. Please refer to the specified weight restrictions of your particular model, which can be found on www.bell-o.co.uk, on the carton of your model, or in the assembly instructions manual of your model. The heaviest components should always be placed on the bottom shelf.

10. If I move, or want to change the location of my equipment, can I disassemble and reassemble Bell’O without buying new parts?

Since Bell’O structures are made of steel and/or real wood they can be easily disassembled and reassembled with no damage. Unlike much composition or traditional KD wood furniture, Bell’O furniture is a higher quality, and can be disassembled and reassembled countless times without suffering any damage, or weakening of its structure.

11. What is CMS®?

CMS® (Cable Management System) is a Bell’O exclusive design element consisting of openings, channels, points of access, removable paneling, straps, or other methods designed to manage and hide component cables. The end result is a neater and cleaner appearance, enhancing your room decor.

12. What Is the pricing for Bell’O furniture?

Bell’O products are available at retailers in a wide arrange of pricing depending on the model. Your retailer will be pleased to quote you competitive pricing to meet your requirements. Contact us for a list of retailers in your area.

13. What tools do I need to assemble Bell’O furniture?

All Bell’O products include complete assembly instructions, and include all fasteners and tools needed. Average do-it-yourself skill is all that is required. Some models, such as our No Tools Assembly models, require no tools at all.

14. What type of glass shelving is used in Bell’O?

Bell’O® glass shelves are made of high quality tempered safety glass. The standard finish includes polished and beveled edges with rounded corners to provide the utmost in decor and safety. Thickness will vary from model to model depending on the weight requirements for that model.

15. Where can I purchase Bell’O products?

Bell’O products are available for purchase from an authorized dealer, and can be seen at leading authorized retailers throughout the United Kingdom. Bell’O is also available in many countries around the world. Call us or e-mail us for the name of an authorized retailer near you.

16. Why is there sometimes color and shade variations in the wood?

Bell’O products contain real wood and wood solids. Visual differences in grain and color tone should be expected due to natural stain absorption and especially room lighting conditions. Products viewed on a computer monitor may also vary in appearance.

17. Why should I buy Bell’O?

The quality of Bell’O products is second to none, made with real wood, steel, and tempered safety glass materials. Designs are unique and have many features for beauty and ease of use. Prices are affordable, and you can add to your initial purchase to accommodate the growth or expansion of your equipment. All Bell’O products are backed by our warranty and we offer exceptional customer support. All models are built to last, and can be disassembled and reassembled several times without damage or weakening of the structure. Join the thousands of satisfied Bell’O owners worldwide who chose Bell’O for their home entertainment furniture.

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